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Unlock the power of the French market with digital content that speaks to your audience.

From Content Writing to Social Media, Localization to SEO, I've got you covered with expert care.

Le French Content, mais qu'est-ce que c'est ?!

Poor content can spoil a recipe, and much more. That won’t happen to you, thanks to me.


I make sure that your content is flawlessly crafted for the French market, no room for error.

What’s in my toolbox?

🌐 Localization & Translation: I fine-tune your message to resonate with hearts and minds in Francophone regions so your content feels native.

🌐 SEO & Content Writing: I boost your presence in French-speaking markets with SEO expertise and compelling content that climbs rankings and captivates local audiences.

🌐 Social Media Management: I navigate the French social media landscape with ease, and I craft campaigns that spark conversations and convert followers into fans across markets.

🌐 Copywriting & Advertising: I create messages that catch the eye and capture the essence of your brand. Together, let's turn casual viewers in France and Benelux into loyal customers.

🌐 Editing & Proofreading: I polish your French copies until they shine. I always make sure that your content is flawless and impactful, perfectly tailored for French audiences.


Why me? TL;DR.


I am a specialist in French language digital content. I blend linguistic and cultural insights with marketing, localization, and digital content expertise. This makes me the go-to expert for all your French digital content needs!

À bientôt !

I help you navigate the complexities of French language and culture to create content that resonates with your audience.

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Here is what I can help you with.

I help you solve the puzzle of the Francophone markets. I transform your global message into local conversations, and I turn cultural challenges into marketing triumphs.


Discover content solutions that captivate and convert — your gateway to making waves from Brussels to Bordeaux awaits.

They speak about me!

The Instagram profile for IBBE DESIGN France displays their logo and reveals 137 publications, 2,663 followers, and 163 following. The profile description in French highlights trendy and minimalist Danish furniture, mentions free, fast, and secure delivery, and indicates they serve France, Belgium, and Luxembourg. A phrase 'Le hygge, c'est chic!' suggests a chic take on the Danish concept of cozy living. The link to their website is provided. Highlighted stories feature "Sales," "Products," "Inspirations," "Polls," and "Tips" with relevant icons and images. The feed shows a series of posts including a promotional post for a dining chair, interior design inspirations, and a humorous meme contrasting a person's face eating cheese at a regular table versus an IBBE DESIGN table, indicating a more pleasurable experience. The meme features an image of a dog with cheese on its head in a before-and-after style.
From launch to leading the pack in France, LFC has been pivotal: boosting our social presence, nailing first-page Google rankings, and landing us spots in prestigious outlets such as Marie-Claire and Le Figaro. They've also masterfully localized  our content.
Quick, clever, and effective—LFC is a breeze to partner with!

They spoiled their audience with content crafted and managed by Le French Content.

Translation Transcreation Localization_e
Translation Transcreation Localization_e
Flixier Logo_edited_edited.jpg
Translation Transcreation Localization_e
For PrestaShop, I authored articles focused on omnichannel strategies bridging brick-and-mortar and digital businesses. My contributions to PrestaShop not only included insightful posts but also played a pivotal role in advancing the collaboration and partnership between Block Inc. and PrestaShop.
As the Social Media Manager for Zinus, I craft and cultivate the brand's digital presence, targeting French-speaking audiences with strategic content that bridges Zinus' world of online mattresses and decor with its clientele. My role encompasses orchestrating a robust social media strategy, producing engaging content and visuals, and ensuring all digital touchpoints are localized to resonate deeply with the French market. Through meticulous editorial planning and active community engagement, I foster a sense of belonging and loyalty among followers, significantly enhancing Zinus' brand visibility and connection with its audience.
At Furnhouse, I orchestrate a multifaceted digital narrative, leading social media and content strategies that span Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and TikTok, while also managing the brand’s SEO and translation needs. My approach has led to significant follower growth and enhanced digital visibility through strategic content planning, community engagement, and the development of partnerships. By ensuring content is localized for the French market, I've driven traffic, improved SEO performance on e-commerce platforms, and spearheaded digital marketing initiatives that significantly increased revenue, establishing a strong bilingual bridge between Furnhouse and its French-speaking audience.
At GienTech, my role as a Video Game Localization Specialist involves meticulously adapting and refining game narratives to enchant French-speaking players, with a focus on both France and Belgium. My expertise spans a variety of genres, ensuring cultural and linguistic nuances are interwoven seamlessly into every game, from MMORPGs to mobile experiences. Through comprehensive quality assurance and efficient workflow management, I deliver localized content that preserves the essence and excitement of gaming, bridging language barriers and crafting unforgettable experiences for the Francophone gaming community.
Oliver Agency
Logo for Upper Story, a creative purveyor of toys and boardgames, for whom I deliver SEO-optimized French product descriptions and titles, sharpening their digital visibility.

I spill the beans about French Digital Content.

From vision to voilà.
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