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Localization & Translation

Globalize your content, grow your business.

Looking to bridge linguistic and cultural gaps, French style?


With expertise from video game to e-commerce localization, as well as HR topics and tech, I ensure your content resonates with French audiences. Equipped with industry-leading tools, I streamline the process for accuracy.


From pioneering user environments to interpreting at international events, I drive engagement.


Let's make language a bridge, not a barrier!

These are the realms where I excel at transmuting English concepts into French.

Check out some of my most memorable translation & localization partners!

Upper Story
Oliver Agency
Logo Flixier
Square (Block, Inc)

I orchestrated Square's French launch in 2021, refining their content for over 2 years.

French localized version of Square's web page, showcasing customizable POS software with a terminal displayed.

I localized over 200 web pages, marketing emails, and articles from US English to French.

Square's English web page promoting customizable POS software solutions, featuring a POS terminal in use at a pizzeria.

Tools that act like localization sidekicks, sprinkling some magic on every project!

Task management software that is useful for managing and tracking team projects and deadlines. Other tools I use: and Trello
I see ChatGPT AI as the dawn of a new era for translators, offering error-reduced content and a wealth of ideas at our fingertips, all with increased efficiency and reduced costs!
Drupal enhances translation efficiency and precision, empowering translators with collaborative tools and quality assurance features
Jira rocks for website localization teamwork! It's the ultimate hub for sharing, coordinating with PMs, designers, and developers
I've curated and employed numerous glossaries with ease using Phrase, a favored tool among large enterprises for its intuitive interface and robust features. Other similar tools I use: SDL Trados Studio and MemoQ
WordPress serves as my canvas for crafting multilingual masterpieces, empowering me to seamlessly publish and manage captivating content across diverse platforms.

There is so much more I can help you with.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are French localization services?

French localization services involve adapting your content to resonate with French-speaking audiences. This goes beyond mere translation—localization considers cultural nuances, local idioms, and market preferences, ensuring your message feels native and relevant. Localizing your content for French markets is crucial because it enhances user experience, boosts engagement, and increases your brand's credibility and appeal among French-speaking customers.

Who needs French localization services?

Any business or individual aiming to reach French-speaking markets can benefit from French localization services. This includes e-commerce companies, software developers, app creators, marketing agencies, and content creators. Whether you're launching a website, an app, marketing campaigns, or any digital content, localizing for French audiences ensures your message connects authentically and effectively, driving better engagement and results.

How do you create localized content for French audiences?

Creating localized content for French audiences involves several key steps. First, I translate your content accurately while maintaining the original message's intent and tone. Next, I adapt cultural references, idioms, and expressions to make them relatable to French speakers. I also consider local preferences, trends, and legal requirements. Finally, I review and test the content to ensure it feels natural and engaging, guaranteeing that your message hits home with French audiences.

How do you localize content that is SEO optimized?

Localizing SEO-optimized content involves more than just translation. I start by researching relevant keywords used by French-speaking audiences. Then, I integrate these keywords naturally into your content, so it maintains readability and appeal. I also adapt meta tags, descriptions, and URLs to enhance local search visibility. Finally, I consider local search behaviors and trends to make sure your content ranks high in French search results, in order to drive more organic traffic to your site.

What is social media localization for French markets?

Social media localization for French markets means tailoring your social media content to resonate with French-speaking users. This includes translating posts, adapting cultural references, and using locally relevant hashtags and trends. It also involves engaging with your audience in French, considering local customs, humor, and preferences. By localizing your social media, you create a more authentic and relatable presence, boosting engagement and building a stronger connection with French-speaking followers.

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